Friday, October 3, 2008

Winners Announced For The Basho Book Contest

These are the lovely haiku submitted for the chance to win "Basho: The Complete Haiku" sent to me by Kodansha International:

violent downpour
quickly replaced by the sun
rain in the desert
~Terri B

leaves gently falling
a crisp coolness to the air
fall is here again

the nights are cooler
the leaves have lost their lustre
autumn is coming


chilly autumn rain
curled up with a good book
adventure beckons

letters on a door
two hearts forever entwined
by cobwebs and dust

Because I am entranced by each I have decided to award each submission a prize. By random drawing, the copy of Basho goes to...

Terri B!

A magnetic poetry kit goes to...


Two cranes that I folded, because they are an international symbol of peace and love, go to...

Robin and...


So, ladies, please send me your addresses at, and I will send you your prizes. Thanks for playing!


Robin said...

Oh how lovely!! Thank you! I'll send you my address.

Bellezza said...

Robin, I hope you can hang it somewhere (I plan to put a little loop through it). I often hang them in my classroom, or in my kitchen; once I made a whole Christmas tree of white cranes after reading the book Tree Of Cranes by Alan Say. Anyway, it's made with appreciation and care for you.

Terri B. said...

What wonderful prizes! Thank you!

Moo said...

Wow, they are all really wonderful!
What talented poets!

3M said...

Thanks so much, Bellezza!

tanabata said...

Thank you so much Bellezza! My prize arrived today. I can't wait to begin making haiku on my fridge. :)

Princess Haiku said...

These are charming.