Friday, November 28, 2008

My Challenge Completed

I've read 4 books for Dolce Bellezza's Japanese Literature Challenge 2, and since I'm getting ready to dive into some new challenges, I thought I would post a wrap-up of this very enjoyable one. This is my second time reading Japanese literature with Bellezza, and I enjoyed it again very much! Her challenges are elegantly done, and I always look forward to them. Thanks, Bellezza for hosting another fascinating challenge!

Books read:
  1. After the Quake, Haruki Murakami
  2. Twenty-Four Eyes, by Sakae Tsuboi
  3. Tales of Moonlight and Rain, by Akinari Ueda
  4. Knit Kimono, by Vicki Square
I liked all four books, but the sentimental Twenty-Four Eyes was my favorite.


Bellezza said...

Robin, congratulations on being the first one done! (At least, that I know about. ;) I'm so happy that you read 4 books, that you finished 2 monoths early, and most of all that you enjoyed it. The one from your list that I'm most anxious to begin is After The Quake. I bought it soon after I read your review, so thank YOU for participating in the challenge!

Ed Baker said...

-River of Stars : selected poems of Yasano Akiko

-Diary of a Mad Old Man. Junichiro Tanizaki (and everything else in English he's written)

-The Ten Foot Square Hut and Tales of The Heike. trans Sadler

-HOJOKI. by Kamo-no-Chomei

-The Miscellany of a Japanese Priest. trans. Porter

-Haiku Master Busaon. Heian edition

-Masaoka Shiki: selected poems (trans. Watson


The Unknown Craftsman by Soetsu Yanagi


old taoist : The Life, Art, and Poetry of Kodojin trans Steve Addiss

is thst 4? and, did I do 'this' right?

Bellezza said...

Ed, there's no way to do this wrong! I'm so glad you left a comment, because I didn't know you were participating in this challenge. I would surely like to add you to the list of participants if that's okay with you, or even send you an invitation to post in case you'd like to tell us anything more about the books you read. I, for one, am quite intrigued with how you said The Unknown Craftsman is a Must Read Classic. Tell us more!

I'm going to send you an invitation to post, and add you to the participants now. It's awfully nice to 'meet' you.

katrina said...

I've finished too! My reveiws are here: