Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And We're Off!

First, we must determine a winner for the treats in Prize Package One.

The names of all the participants are written on a strip of paper.
The strips are subsequently folded into equal sized pieces. (I don't teach third grade for nothing!)

The winner is Trish of Trish's Reading Nook! Congratulations, Trish!

I have several more prizes to be given away during the challenge: music, books, origami, things to delight and amaze so don't be sad if you didn't win today.

Of course, today marks the beginning of the Japanese Literature Challenge 2. I have yet to determine exactly which books I'll be reading, but I'm certain it will be more than three. I'm also certain that we are going to have a wonderful adventure together.

Thanks for joining.


Trish said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Thanks Bellezza. :D

Robin said...

Congratulations, Trish!

Nymeth said...

Congratulations, Trish!

And yay for the challenge starting. I'm going to read my first book as soon as I finish my current ones.

cj said...

Congrats, Trish!

It'll be a great trip for us all, I'm sure!


Iliana said...

Congrats to Trish!

And, I did it... I joined in the challenge at the last minute! Thanks for hosting and looking forward to some great books :)

Bobbi said...

Congrats Trish!

Carl V. said...

Congrats Trish!!! can tell you are a teacher, even your scraps of paper for name drawing are embellished! :)

Bellezza said...

Carl, did you just call me a tightass? ;)

caitlin said...

Way to go Trish! I hope you are enjoying your prize.

I was reading thru the list of films, and realized that I had rented Picture Bride a couple of years ago, long before I'd ever heard of this JLC2 challenge. I have been curious ever since about the Japanese view of filmmaking as well as books.