Thursday, July 24, 2008

Interesting Booklists

Sam Houston, (Book Chase) wrote a post the other day about the "Top 10" booklists published by The Guardian. If you haven't completed your list of books to read for Bellezza's Japanese Literature Challenge, or are just curious to see which books on or about Japan might be on these lists, click on the links below:

Top 10 Books Set in Japan

Top 10 Asian Crime Fiction (there are at least 4 Japanese authors listed)

Top 10 Japanese Novels


The Holistic Knitter said...

Thanks for these links ;0)

Bellezza said...

Robin, with the addition of these great lists/sources, I think I may have to host Japanese Literature Challenge 3, 4, 5, 6...or, make the limit, I don't know, thirty books? Just kidding! I'm only sharing my ebulliance over how wide this door is swinging open, and how exciting I find it to discover new authors. I'm going to print out the wonderful lists from you, and Tanabata, for future reference.

Robin said...

Bellezza, I feel the same way! I chose 3 books, but have since found a dozen more I'd like to read. Well, I guess you will just have to continue hosting this year after year after year! It's really a wonderful challenge. I can't wait to start!

Bellezza said...

Rboin, I looked closely at the lists (after copying them down in my book journal so I'd never lose them), and two books I'd like to note as especially wonderful are:
Silence by Endo (SO, SO POWERFUL to me) and Death of A Red Heroine by Xiaolong. Even though the later is Chinese, therefore not quite fitting this particular challenge, it was a mesmerizing book.

Silence is especially meaningful to Christians, I think.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

I think you need to keep this Web site going indefinitely--just change the challenge number in the header!

Bellezza said...

CTG, that's one of the reasons I'm so happy you joined. You are a blessing of encouragement. And knowledge.

Madeleine said...

Hi Bellezza :)

I read NORWEGIAN WOODS by Murakami and have SNOW COUNTRY here to read.
I am buying SNAKES AND EARRINGS by Hitomi Kanchara. Have you heard of this book? 2 more days :)
I still have to read BLACK RAIN for Nat's Reading Japan.
Have a nice week Bellezza

Bellezza said...

Hi, Madeleine. I keep hearing fantastic things about Norwegian Woods (and The Wind Up Bird Chronicles). Did you like it? Will you post a review here or on your own blog? There's no obligation, of course, I'm just interested in your thoughts. I haven't heard of Snakes and Earrings, nor Black Rain. It sounds like you're getting along famously with this challenge!